Animal Adventures 

Our video series Animal Adventures is a video program geared towards youth, and for those who are still young at heart 😊

Episode 1—Simple Dog Training Exercises

Episode 2—Rabbit Care

Episode 3—DIY Cat Toys

Episode 4—Backyard Birds

Episode 5—Foods Not to Feed Dogs

Episode 6–Microchipping

Episode 7—Baby Birds

Episode 8—Appropriate Neckware

Episode 9–Spaying & Neutering Your Pet

Episode 10–Happy & Healthy Animals

Episode 11–Kittens

Episode 12–Disaster Prep for Pets

Episode 13–Worm Composting

Episode 14–Bath Time!

Episode 15–Homemade Dog Treats

Episode 16–Kitten Nursery!

Episode 17–Dog Bite Prevention

Episode 18–Goats as Pets

Episode 19–Red-eared Sliders

Episode 20–Overlooked Animals

Episode 21–Humane Education

Episode 22–Bearded Dragons

Episode 23–Becoming a Veterinarian 

Episode 24–Wildlife Releases

Episode 25–Guinea Pigs

Episode 26–Careers with Animals

Episode 27–Ball Python Care

Episode 28–Becoming a Junior Volunteer

Episode 29–Therapy and Service Animals

Episode 30–Pet Rats

Episode 33–Pet Chickens

Episode 34–Help Wildlife, Reduce Trash

Episode 35–Fascinating Owl Facts

Episode 36–Dusky-footed Woodrats

Episode 37–How to show animals love

Episode 38–Proper Pet Diet