Available Small Animals

We do our best to update this page regularly, but we can’t guarantee every animal shown here is still available. To see if the animal you are interested in is still available, please call us at 650-340-7022.

If you don’t see any animals, be sure to enable Javascript in your browser. Or please visit AdoptAPet.com to see our available animals. If you’re having trouble seeing videos of the animals, try loading the page in a different browser or visit Peninsula Humane Society’s YouTube channel directly at YouTube.com.

Rabbits are social, can be litterbox trained, and have a life span of eight to ten years. Rabbits should live inside for protection from predators. Their living area should be free of materials that would be dangerous to chew.

PHS/SPCA includes spay or neuter surgery as part of the adoption fee for our rabbits. Altered rabbits are healthier and have better dispositions.

If you cannot locate the rabbit of your dreams here at PHS/SPCA, then be sure to check out the House Rabbit Society organization. The House Rabbit Society rescues rabbits from shelters and places them up for adoption, and their web site provides a wealth of information on rabbit care.

Guinea pigs are gentle rodents that live up to seven years. Many learn to enjoy being held. They prefer to live with other guinea pigs. They come in a variety of colors and coats.

Hamsters are nocturnal rodents and have a life span of up to three years. Syrian Hamsters (also called Teddy Bear Hamsters and Golden Hamsters) grow to be about 8 inches long, and prefer to live alone as adults. Small Dwarf Hamsters (which grow to be about 4 inches long) can live alone or in groups. They are easy to care for, and many enjoy gentle handling.
Pet rats are curious and friendly rodents. They have a life span of two to three years. They are social and prefer to live with other rats. Some rats can be trained to do tricks. Females are more active and males are more cuddly. They are easy to care for.
Mice have a life span of 1-2 years. They are easy to care for, and many enjoy gentle handling.

To adopt an animal please call 650-340-7022 for an appointment or submit your adoption profile to [email protected]. Please allow at least an hour if you think you might be adopting a pet.  Adoption hours are subject to change due to COVID-19. 

Photo credit: Thank you to Michelle Chaudoir for photographing our adoptable small animals.