Having your pet microchipped is a great, inexpensive way to ensure that he or she has permanent identification. A chip the size of a grain of rice containing a serial number is injected just under the skin between the animal’s shoulder blades. The process in simple, and painless – much like a needle prick that humans feel. We scan all animals for a microchip. If an animal has been chipped, we will have information about its human caregiver.

Please note due to COVID-19 our microchip services to the public is temporarily suspended.



Current animal license information, including fees, can be found on the County of San Mateo website (click here).

Licenses can be purchased/renewed and are issued at both of our shelters during our normal open hours. Licenses can also be purchased/renewed at the County’s Office of Vital Statistics located at 225 37th Ave., San Mateo from 9 am – 3 pm Monday – Friday.

If you prefer to purchase/renew a license on line, please visit PetData, Inc. or click here. If you have questions or a problem with your license, please call the county at (650) 573-3726.



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