Having your pet microchipped is a great, inexpensive way to ensure that he or she has permanent identification. A chip the size of a grain of rice containing a serial number is injected just under the skin between the animal’s shoulder blades. The process in simple, and painless – much like a needle prick that humans feel. We scan all animals for a microchip. If an animal has been chipped, we will have information about its human caregiver.

As a convenience for local residents, this service is available – no appointment needed – at both of our facilities. Microchipping is included with the cost of every adoption, but is also available to the general public on a drop-in basis. The cost is $30.


As a convenience for local residents, County licenses can be purchased, no appointment necessary, at either of our shelters. Owners can also go online to PetData.com or by call 1-866-925-5906. To obtain a license, please provide proof of ownership and proof of Rabies vaccinations. Current licensing fees can be found on the County of San Mateo website (click here).

Microchip Mondays

Every Monday
Lantos Center for Compassion
1450 Rollins Road, Burlingame

We’re bringing back Microchip Mondays to the Lantos Center for Compassion. Bring your pet in and we will microchip them for only $20 dollars (instead of $30). No appointment neccesary.

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