The Animal Sanctuary

PHS-SPCA Animal Sanctuary in La Honda, CA

We are pleased to announce, through generous donations, the purchase of 216 acres in La Honda, California that will serve as a sanctuary for dogs, cats and other pet animals who can live a quality life but are not likely to find a home through traditional adoption programs. Some examples are dogs in need of hospice care and fractious/under-socialized cats. The land purchase and next phases of the PHS/SPCA animal sanctuary have been and will continue to be funded entirely by private charitable donations.

Animals will be matched into behaviorally- and medically-compatible animal families, and each of those families will take up residence in their own homes, each home surrounded by a specially designed fence to allow for safe and secure playtime whenever wanted. On-site staff and volunteers will provide overall supervision, supportive and medical care to all the animals living at the PHS/SPCA sanctuary.

PHS/SPCA has received approval from the county and hopes to finalize the design and construction plans soon. 

Because of the extreme conditions which lead to these animals becoming sanctuary residents in the first place, PHS/SPCA has decided it is in the best interest of the animals to not have the sanctuary open to the public.

Contributions to PHS/SPCA from generous, caring donors has made the land purchase for the PHS/SPCA animal sanctuary possible. The next phases of design and construction, as well as ongoing operation, will remain fully 100% funded by charitable donations.

For more information or to donate to help fund the PHS/SPCA animal sanctuary please contact Lisa Van Buskirk at [email protected].