continuing_careContinuing Care

If you pass away during the lifetime of your pets they could easily end up being confused and alone, and may even be stranded in an unstable environment. Suddenly becoming responsible for your pets is also an extra burden for friends and family, one which many people are not able to handle. But you can be fair to your beloved pets and other loved ones by being prepared. Your pets will miss you when you’re gone, but you can ease their transition into their new living situation by planning ahead.

We are proud to offer the Continuing Care Program, a valuable service available to our members. If you do pass away during your pets’ lifetime, we connect your companion animals with a home of your prior choosing, or care for them while we look for a loving new home based on information you’ve provided to us when you enrolled. We also flag your pets in our database, which helps to prevent them from becoming unexpectedly stranded. All of this provides much-needed stability for your pets while reducing strain on family and friends.

To enroll in Continuing Care, simply contact us. There is no charge for joining, we only ask that you maintain a membership with PHS/SPCA by making a yearly donation of any amount. To learn more, request a brochure, and/or start the enrollment process, contact Lisa Van Buskirk at 650-340-7022 ext. 327 or by email at [email protected].