Molly – The Adventure Potato

Molly – The Adventure Potato Not all pets come to PHS/SPCA ready to immediately become part of a new family. Some dogs, like Molly, need extra behavior training before they can become available for adoption. Molly was found as a stray and lacked manners: she was...

Panda – From Scraggly to Snazzy

Animals need a good diet and “hair care” routine, just like humans do. When Panda was surrendered to PHS/SPCA, he had scabbing all over his body due to a food allergy, skin infection, and skin mites, as well as matted fur from lack of proper grooming. PHS/SPCA staff gave Panda proper grooming and medical care for his fur and skin. It made all the difference in the world for his health.

Treya – Three Legs and a Huge Heart

We recommend avoiding the use of inhumane traps, and for a good reason: we don’t want animals to suffer. So, when tiny kitten, Treya, was caught in one it was not pretty, but her will to live is amazing.

Zippy – Transformation TAILS

Zippy – Transformation TAILS Zippy came to PHS/SPCA with pup siblings. All were very fearful and under socialized. During their health check, veterinary staff found that they all were covered in fleas and diagnosed with a GI parasite. Which we treated with flea...

Oscar – All He Needed Was a Second Chance

Oscar – All He Needed Was a Second Chance Oscar didn’t have much of a chance or a lot of hope as he limped along a street… until a good Samaritan found him, and they knew right away that his front right leg was in bad shape. He needed veterinary care and a home to...