Barn Cats

Looking for a Cat To Love, But Admire From Afar?

Not every cat is a snuggly, lap cat or one who acts more like a dog, and we know some people want a cat they can admire from afar and possibly keep as a “barn” cat. A cat’s scent alone (and the scent from their litter) has proven to be a deterrent and non-lethal way to rid a property of unwanted small critters. We have cats who fit the bill and adopt them in pairs – healthy, spayed/neutered cats who have lived outdoors and prefer not to interact with people, at least initially. Their ideal home would be in a barn or secure yard/property and the ideal adopter is anyone who can commit to a less social cat by providing nutritious food and clean water, protection from the elements, any needed veterinary care and by not placing the cats on a site which is a sensitive or critical habitat for wildlife. If the cat ever decides to “make friends,” our ideal adopter will see this as a bonus, not an expectation. As part of our placement/adoption process, we begin by asking you about your set-up and property, ideally learning about the area where you will allow your new cats to settle-in (barn, workshop, tack room, large garage). We are looking to place these cats primarily in more rural areas- away from busy streets and highways to minimize potential hazards to the cats.

To make an appointment to adopt them or learn more, please contact Rogelio Nicolas at 650-340-7022 ext 332 or [email protected]