Wildlife Care Volunteer

SUPERVISOR: Wildlife Supervisor and Wildlife Technician

GOAL OF POSITION: Provide the best possible care and rehabilitation for all wild animals sheltered at PHS/SPCA.

TIME COMMITMENT: At least three hours a week for a minimum of one year. During the spring/summer, shifts are available on weekdays or weekends from 8am-8pm. During the winter/fall, shifts are available from 9am-7pm on weekdays or 9am-6pm on weekends.

DUTIES: Wildlife Volunteers have a rare and unique opportunity to work directly with and handle a variety of wild animals. Job duties vary, depending on the number and variety of wildlife housed at PHS/SPCA. Basic duties include: cleaning cages, washing dishes and doing laundry for the animals, general housekeeping, feeding animals, providing enrichment, setting up enclosures, handling and working with animals (under direct supervision), assisting with wildlife-related emergencies (oil spills, etc.), and releasing successfully rehabilitated animals.

TRAINING: Completion of Volunteer Orientation and Intro to Wildlife Class. On-the-job training is provided by the Wildlife staff.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must have a keen interest in getting to know and handle a wide variety of wild animals; good physical stamina; the ability to follow exact instructions and work independently; must not be squeamish about preparing meals which may include live grub worms and dead mice. This position is open to those 16 and older.

EMOTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: You will be responsible for saving many lives, but no matter how well you do your job, many of the animals will simply not make it. You must be able to concentrate on what you can do, and not what you can’t. You must clearly understand that you will have done your job well when a wild animal remains wild, as their very lives depend on it. This is not a department to come into if you want to play with animals. The department operates on the three R’s — Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release. Animals that are too sick or injured to be rehabilitated will be euthanized.

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