Photographer Volunteer

SUPERVISOR: Outreach Coordinator

GOAL OF POSITION: To photograph adoptable animals on a weekly basis for use on the PHS/SPCA website and other adoption websites and/or to photograph special events and programs for use in media and press releases.

TIME COMMITMENT: Volunteers who photograph our adoptable dogs and cats are needed a few hours each week. Volunteers who photograph our small and exotic animals are needed a few hours twice a month. Volunteers who take photos for special promotions or at our special events are needed a few hours a quarter.

DUTIES: Volunteers take photos of and write bios for new adoptable animals. Photos and bios must be emailed within a few days of being taken. Volunteers may be asked to send in high-res photos for use in promotions, media, press releases, and so on.

TRAINING: All volunteers should attend a new volunteer orientation. Photographers must complete TLC training for dogs, cats, small animals, and/or exotics depending on which group they have chosen to photograph. Lastly, volunteers must meet with the Outreach Coordinator and shadow veteran photography volunteers. Special event photographer volunteers need not attend TLC training or complete a shadow.

QUALIFICATIONS: Photographers must have a digital camera, editing software (like Adobe Photoshop), and access to email. Must be at least 18 years of age.

EMOTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: Occasionally one of the adoptable animals from the website is removed because they become too sick or have an untreatable behavior issue and they are euthanized. This happens only when all options have been exhausted.

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