Kitten Nursery Volunteer

SUPERVISOR: Assistant Manager, Veterinary Services

GOAL OF POSITION: To care for kittens that are potentially able to survive without their mother as their food source. They may not have been exposed to eating on their own, but will be old enough to be weaned if fed a high density wet food regularly.

TIME COMMITMENT: Volunteers must commit to at least one weekly shift for the duration of the nursery “season” and vacation or time off is not available during the “season.” Shifts are available seven days per week.

DUTIES: Volunteers will feed kittens three times daily by hand with a syringe. Depending on how many kittens are in each litter, this may take between 2-3 hours per shift.   You will remove kittens from their cages, place in designated boxes, and the cages are then to be thoroughly cleaned.  New bedding, fresh water, and a new litter box are to be placed in the cage. Feeding is to be done one kitten at a time with a pre-prescribed  mixture of food. You will mix the food freshly for each shift. Throughout the feeding, you are to note any health issues that arise on a sheet located in a packet on each cage. Additional duties are to sweep or mop the floor, take out the trash, do laundry and may include bathing kittens and administering medications.

TRAINING: Completion of Kitten Nursery Orientation and on-the-job training provided by the Veterinary staff.

QUALIFICATIONS: Good communication is required along with the ability to follow directions and work independently.  Must be able to lift 25 lbs. This position is open to those 16 and older (13-15-year-olds may volunteer but must do so with a parent).

EMOTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: It is very easy to become attached to the kittens you care for, and you may not agree with all aspects of their care. The staff is happy to discuss any reservations, but you must follow protocol including transitioning to home foster care of certain litters along with the adoption of any of the kittens in the nursery.

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