Animal Care Volunteer

GOAL OF POSITION: To assist the animal care staff to ensure all the kennels are cleaned and animals fed.

SUPERVISOR: Animal Care Supervisor

TIME COMMITMENT: Two to three hours per week for a one year commitment. Daytime, evening and weekend shifts available.

DUTIES: The essential duties would be to work closely with one of our staff members to help ensure that all animals’ cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice are getting a thoroughly cleaned kennel, fresh water, and fresh food, along with minimal TLC for the animals. Other duties that we could always use help with that are not as intense are doing laundry, loading the washer, dryer, and folding laundry. We could also use help with the endless amount of dirty dog dishes and cleaning our main kitchen area.

TRAINING: Completion of Volunteer Orientation and animal handling class. Other training to be provided by PHS/SPCA staff.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must have good physical strength and the ability to handle animals that are shy or rambunctious. Volunteers must be able to follow exact instructions and work independently. Must be able to lift 401bs. Must be at least 18 years of age.