Sharon Hall

Dog Behavior Trainer
650-340-7022 ext. 667

Sharon Portrait

Sharon Hall is an animal lover and grew up with a wide range of mixed and pure breed dogs. In 2006 she joined PHS as an active volunteer in all aspects of the public dog training program. Sharon especially enjoyed volunteering as a dog training assistant in a wide range of courses offered at PHS. Sharon began teaching classes in 2009, and graduated from the Marin Humane Society’s canine behavior Academy taught by Trish King in 2011. She has also attended seminars on dog behavior and training by leaders in the field including Trish King,  Pia Silvani, Pat Miller, Aimee Sadler and others. Sharon enjoys working one on one with her students and learning the latest insights into our doggie companions. In addition to her work at PHS Sharon is a member of the Mid-Peninsula Guide Dogs for the blind group, where she assists in training and hosting guide dog puppies.

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