Dear Critter Corner: I’ve had quite a few cats over the years and have collected a lot of cat stuff. I plan on spring cleaning for the upcoming new year and didn’t want to just throw away these items as some are new that my cats didn’t use. Do you have any suggestions?

That’s a really great idea to start spring cleaning for the New Year, especially if you have a lot of items that your cats no longer use. Do check out the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS)’s wish list in case any of your cats’ newer items fall into the categories list on the website (canned tuna, pipe cleaners, ping pong balls etc). The wish list can be found here:

For items that are slightly used, you may want to consider donating them to PHS’s Thrift Store. The Thrift Store takes a wide variety of donations including cat trees, some cat toys, cat beds, litterboxes, crates etc. Check out the store at this link: and feel free to stop by and peruse the items on sale. There are many other items for sale as well including clothes, shoes, books, jewelry etc. so you may even find a little something for you and the start of your new year.

If you have any unopened cat food, treats, and litter, feel free to stop by our Center for Compassion on Rollins Road or our Coyote Point Shelter on Airport Blvd as you can drop these off as donations at these locations. These donations help provide much needed support to PHS’s Pet Food Bank, which serves the people and communities of San Mateo County that may be in need. More information regarding the food bank can be found here: