Much of PHS/SPCA’s work is considered an essential service and we are and will continue to be here for the animals. All of our animals continue to be cared for and loved, and our staff as well as members of the public we serve follow strict social distancing protocols. Adoptions are going extremely well by appointment only, and similar strict controls are in place for receiving animals and helping people find a lost pet. For details, It’s an odd time but we are hard at work for the animals in our care.

Let’s talk about the animals in your care. We’re all of course mortal and we do live in earthquake country, so hopefully you’ve long had a plan for your pet. That plan ideally identifies a friend or family member to care for your animals if you are unable to, and it should certainly include an emergency supply kit. Pet supply stores are open and here’s what you need. Food for 2 weeks, favorite treats, bowls for the chow and water. Collar with ID tag and updated microchip info, leash, a carrier for transport. Vaccination records, medications, contact info for your veterinarian, plus daily care instructions. Some toys, and a complete list of how to reach you just in case you are separated.

PHS/SPCA is now providing assistance to San Mateo County pet owners who are in need of pet food during the Covid-19 Crisis. This service is for residents who are hit by the economic fall-out of the pandemic, or who are considered at high-risk for reasons of health. We are not requiring proof of income or health status and instead are trusting that people will be honest and not access this service unless really needed. Please call us at 650-988-5280 to make arrangements. We can also deliver pet food to those who cannot visit the food bank in person, but the delivery area will be limited; please call that same number to inquire.

And for those of you who can help us help at this time, donations by check or credit card are deeply appreciated. Take care of yourself and your family, including the four-legged members!

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