FlickaLost a domestic animal

Due to staffing shortages the wait time at our shelter may be longer than usual. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding! 

If you have lost your pet, please visit us immediately at the Coyote Point shelter at 12 Airport Blvd in San Mateo during the hours that we are open. Our staff will ask you to complete a lost report and take you through the kennels to see if your pet is at the shelter. Each year, we reunite thousands of stray pets with their human companions.

It is important to visit us at 12 Airport Blvd in San Mateo as soon as possible to see if your pet is at our shelter. If you have lost your animal please click the buttons below to view some of the animals that have been brought into our shelter.

Please keep in mind that this may not be a complete list of all of the animals actually at the shelter.
Do not rely solely on these photos to identify if your animal is at the shelter or not.

Please make sure to visit the Coyote Point shelter as soon as you can to see if your animal is here. Again, stray animals are held for the state mandated four-day period (excluding the day they arrive) before being evaluated for adoption.

Click here to download our “Lost Your Pet?” information sheet which includes steps on what to do, tips and advice, helpful websites, and other resources to help you in finding your lost pet.

Consider posting fliers in the area where your pet was lost. You may utilize our Lost and Found Flyers.