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Due to staffing shortages the wait time at our shelter may be longer than usual. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding! 

We are the shelter for animals only found in San Mateo County.

If you have found a pet and would like to keep and care for them in your home, please complete the Found Animal form below and come to the Coyote Point Shelter as soon as possible during our open hours at 12 Airport Blvd. in San Mateo to get the animal scanned for a microchip and to look through the Lost Reports we have on file.  Please know that should there be a positive identification on the animal in your care, we will share your contact information from the Found Animal form with the potential owner to reunite the animal with their owner. If you do not wish your contact information to be shared with the potential owner, please do not fill out the Found Animal form and bring the animal to the Coyote Point Shelter immediately.

If you are unable to come to the Coyote Point Shelter but would like to keep the pet while trying to locate the owner, please visit your closest veterinary practice to scan the animal for a microchip.  Many veterinary practices are happy to provide this service at no cost to help reunite lost animals. If this is not possible, we encourage you to bring the animal to the Coyote Point Shelter any time during our regular open hours and we will happily scan for a microchip.

Consider posting flyers in the area where the pet was found. You may utilize our Lost and Found Flyers by clicking here.


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