Enrichment Volunteer

GOAL OF POSITION: To stimulate the animals through novel sights, sounds and smells while in their kennels, allowing them to exercise choice and control over their environment and providing them with ways to engage in species-specific behaviors.

SUPERVISOR: Behavior Manager

DUTIES: Enrichment volunteers are responsible for following the enrichment calendar, and preparing, giving out, and cleaning various enrichment items that go to the shelter dogs and cats. In addition, they’re required to document the interactions that each animal has with their enrichment item.

TRAINING: All enrichment volunteers must have completed either a dog TLC or cat TLC orientation in order
to do enrichment with the animals. They must also attend the enrichment orientation.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to reliably commit at least 2 hours on a set day each week, and be able to come in
at least 1 day a week. Must have completed all the requisite orientations. This position is open to those 16 and older (13-15-year-olds may volunteer but must do so with a parent).

TIME COMMITMENT: Roughly 2 hours a week.

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