Dear Critter Corner: My 11-month-old cat Skylar has been mewing a lot lately, rolling herself all over the carpet, and rubbing against me. I think she may be in heat, will getting her spayed help with this behavior? 

It does sound like Skylar might be exhibiting the signs of a female cat in heat, with the extra vocalizations, socializing, and softer more affectionate personality. This behavior may last for a few days or can continue thereafter for a week or so, and may be return shortly thereafter or within a few weeks. Some ways to help calm the behavior include redirecting her attention to toys, petting and grooming her gently, or providing positively reinforced training through simple commands like “sit”, “watch me”, “paw”, etc. 

In terms of getting Skylar spayed, it should help alleviate the above behaviors and also help in case she was to get loose outside and become accidentally pregnant. The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS) does offer low cost spay and neuter services by appointment. More information about scheduling an appointment and other related services can be found at If Skylar is not yet microchipped or does not yet have all of her vaccinations, this may be done during her spay surgery as well, along with obtaining an e-collar for her recovery. If you’re unable to bring Skylar into the shelter for a spay surgery, PHS also has a free mobile spay and neuter clinic that serves communities throughout the Peninsula. Check our website for current mobile clinic locations, dates, and appointment information. 

Once Skylar has been spayed, she’ll need a calm and quiet area to recover that limits her activity so as to allow her to heal after the surgery. Depending on how she is progressing, her veterinarian may prescribe her pain meds and antibiotics during her recovery. Usually, the recovery takes between 1-2 weeks. As Skylar recovers and gets her energy back, be sure to integrate some playtime, being mindful to keep the play focused on the ground, preventing her to jump or climb that may affect the surgery site. 

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