Dear Miss Behavin’: I recently adopted a rabbit and she’s pooping everywhere! Can I litterbox train a rabbit? I’ve also noticed she sometimes eats her poop. Is that normal?

It is possible to train a rabbit to use the litterbox! They usually choose a specific place to potty. Training them to use a box can be as easy as setting up a box in the area they already eliminate. Adding hay to the box can entice them to use it. Make sure to clean the litterbox every day to prevent odors. You can soak the box in diluted vinegar to get rid of most smells. Never use pine, cedar, or cat litter as they can cause liver damage if ingested by rabbits. Rabbits also enjoy multiple litterboxes. You can set up one with hay and another with a blanket. They will often spend time in their boxes because that is where they feel safe.

Rabbits have two different poops. The first is cecal pellets or cecotropes. They are partially digested food that are passed and then re-ingested. So what you are seeing her eat is totally normal! Rabbits get a majority of their nutrition from these cecal pellets. They are also sometimes called “night poops” as they produce the cecal pellets at night or in the early morning. Fecal pellets are round and dry and should be cleaned normally. Good luck with your new bunny!

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