Dear Critter Corner: With the warmer weather upon us, we are concerned with our pup overheating on our walks or outings.  Can you give us some tips on how to avoid this and make sure we are still getting him appropriate exercise?

This is a great question!  Our dogs can easily overheat in warmer temperatures or end up burning the pads of their feet if the ground is too hot.  Here are some tips and suggestions so everyone is safe and still having fun!

Hydration is key, make sure that your dog has access to plenty of clean, cool water.  Their water bowl should be kept in a place out of direct sun light and replaced daily.  On hotter days be sure to check the water bowl throughout the day as they will most likely consume more water on these days.

Do any exercise or walks in the early morning, ideally before 10 am.  This will avoid your pup having to walk on the hot pavement and ensure that they hopefully staying cool.  If you do venture out later in the day or evening, check the pavement, if it’s too hot for you to stand on bare foot for 5 seconds, it’s too hot for your pup!  Try finding grass or dirt areas to walk if you must go out.

If you have a pup that is prone to overheating due to a short muzzle, like a Pug, have a cooling mat or some other type of cool area for them to rest.  Remember these guys can overheat easily and should be watched for signs of heat stress and heat stroke.

Have fun with your training indoors by playing games of hide and seek or find it with your dog.  You can also make your pup a frozen Kong or homemade pupsicle.  There are many great recipes online!

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