Tasha Suda

Dog Behavior Trainer
650-340-7022 ext. 667

Tasha PortraitTasha Suda has grown up with dogs her whole life and has been active in training and behavior since 2000, when she started volunteering as a dog training assistant at PHS/SPCA. In late 2001 she started teaching classes for PHS/SPCA. She also has a background in grooming; working as a groomer in Half Moon Bay for 6 years. In 2006 Tasha graduated Trish King’s Canine Behavior Academy. In 2013 she passed the Association of Professional Dog Trainers testing requirements to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).

She currently teaches a wide range of public classes at PHS/SPCA and conducts private one-on-one behavior consultations. She currently resides with a deaf border collie mix “Grayson”, a tortoiseshell cat “Ember”, and a border collie “Phoebe” that came to her home as a PHS/SPCA foster. Her passion is dogs and she has a soft spot for the special needs dog, whether it is a physical or behavior issue, and enjoys a challenge. Tasha has extensive experience working with herding breeds and deaf dogs. She feels the true reward of teaching is being able to witness the positive change in an owner and animal.

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