TAILS_indeximageTAILS Program

PHS/SPCA and the Sheriff’s Office partnered during the spring of 2009 to develop TAILS (Transitioning Animals Into Loving Situations).  Shelter dogs needing more time and attention to become adoptable are given round-the-clock care, training and nurturing from minimum-security inmates while the inmates are given an avenue for developing skills and making their time more meaningful. 

All dogs selected for the program are shelter dogs at PHS/SPCA. Each shelter dog has presented a particular issue that has kept adopters away or is likely to lead to behavior problems down the road if ignored. PHS/SPCA trainers visit the inmates’ facility once/week for eight consecutive weeks to lead an obedience class while monitoring the dogs’ and handlers’ progress. Outside of class, dogs live with the inmates who reinforce class lessons and are responsible for the dogs’ exercise, socialization, grooming and housetraining. Transformations are remarkable; the inmates’ work is directly responsible for TAILS dogs being placed into new, permanent homes. After each group of dogs graduates, another is selected for the program. Training covered during the weekly class is modeled after similar work at the shelter. But, given the shelter’s dog population can reach 280, all dogs cannot possibly receive the undivided daily attention and controlled environment some need to improve their issues. This is where TAILS comes in. As TAILS dogs graduate, we feature them on our website. If interested in adopting one, please call 650-340-7022 ext. 416.


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