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Behavior Helpline
Residents of San Mateo County can call the Behavior Helpline and a trained staff member will return their call within 48 hours (Monday through Friday during normal business hours) to offer free advice related to domestic animal behavior.

We can help with barking and chewing problems, separation anxiety, and housetraining in dogs; and with spraying, clawing, and nocturnal activity in cats (among other issues for dogs, cats and other animals). Please call 650/340-7022, ext. 183 (ext. 186 for Spanish).

You can read about some behavior issues by going to the Animal Behavior Advice section in the Resource Library.

The PHS/SPCA Behavior Department is funded entirely by donations and obedience class fees. Much of the department's day-to-day work is supported by volunteers. To volunteer, please contact Brian Probst at 650/340-7022, ext. 328 or

Additional Behavior Resources

Books on Animal Behavior
About Dogs
  • The Dog Who Loved Too Much by Nicholas Dodman
  • The Good Little Dog Book by Ian Dunbar
  • How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricksby Ian Dunbar
  • The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson
  • Leader of the Packby Patricia McConnell

About Cats

  • Claws and Purrs by Peter Neville
  • Twisted Whiskers--Solving Your Cat's Behavior Problems by Pam Johnson
  • Cat Watching by Desmond Morris


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