July 8, 2019 @ 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
12 Airport Blvd
San Mateo, CA 94401
650-340-7022 ext. 667

Intro to Odor is the next step after completing Nosework for Beginners! In Ithis class you will learn how odor works and how to create unique puzzles for your dog to solve, while improving your own handling and observation skills. This class builds on the foundation set in Nosework for Beginners and introduces your dog to the first target odor of Birch. Dogs are also challenged with new search areas to improve their problem solving skills and aid in building their drive and confidence.

Prerequisite: completion of Nosework for Beginners, or permission from instructor.

Frequency and Duration:
Mondays, starting July 8 at 6:15 pm
This is a 1.5 hour (90 minutes) per week class held for 6 weeks.

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